This page allows some insight to the enormous amount of railroad news available throughout this nation at any given time. Although local reporter coverage is often produced, it is very seldom that important issues involving the railroad industry rises to the level of coverage which is important to all of us. It is not uncommon that coverage cannot be expanded due to the science behind "damage control" invented by the railroad industry.

     Just a few examples to the many canned responses toward damage control include:

          Nearly every train derailment report includes the statement, "inspected the tracks the day of the derailment and were in good condition", "investigations will be conducted by the NTSB and track owner", "cause unknown", and eluding to acts of God.
          How do we get to the truth? It is clear that track inspections are grossly flawed and stating that inspections occur hold very little merit toward any safety consideration. Trained safety professionals are disappearing from the work force everyday and are being replaced with more profits, a template that the industry has nearly perfected. Let's pray that the next drunk driver caught on the roads will never have the opportunity to be a part of the investigation into their participation in safety assurance. Waiting a year to report a cause, that is almost always immediately known, assures the cause will never come into focus. And lastly, once any person looks into the many annual railroad accidents, they will easily see that causes by acts of God are almost non-existent.

          Nearly every grade crossing accident includes the statement,"tried to beat the train", and the signals are always functioning correctly.
          The tragic McLean, Illinois grade crossing accident on September 26, 1999 speaks of truth that should raise a question any time a news report includes the statement that someone tried to beat the train. The attempt to cover up any wrongdoing by responsible parties was luckily found out and is still being addressed today. For the sake of all, the stereotyping of those who are brutally killed or injured at grade crossings must be overcome and the focus must shift toward the reality of what it takes to protect our citizens.

          The silence surrounding the deaths or disabling of railroad employees cannot be denied and the general public is purposely kept from knowing the truth. The structure to which these brave souls perform their daily duties does not allow them the freedom of speaking out against disregard for human safety as they watch their borthers and sisters fall. The drastic reduction in professionally trained personnel seems to be the norm for the future health of profits and anyone speaking out would become welcomed targets for forced early retirement.
          When it takes years for labor unions to gain permission to bring safety issues to the table, then to be exposed to superficial commitments that disappear with the next round of layoffs, everyone even minimally exposed to the railroad industry suffers. The damage that has occurred over the past many years is most likely impossible to be turned around because a direction is being defined to make things much worse for the years to come.
     Please spend time gaining an education from news reports. Learn to read between the lines and use that education to help reform and guide news professionals in directions which help them to step beyond secrecies and obstacles which prevent them from doing a responsible job. Hold them accountable to bring out the "complete" story surrounding each and every tragedy.