There have been numerous pleadings concerning investigatiions of fraud against the State of Iowa involving $103,000.00 before interest started to acrue. The perpetrator not only defrauded the State of Iowa but financially exploited an elderly woman, caused her to face the last years of her life in a nursing home against her will, and manipulated medical and legal professionals to help hide the fraud and abuse that was committed.

     The fraudulent activities further resulted in the violation of rights to property of Stella Riehl and her family involving another $150,000.00+. Many State departments have been approached to address the fraud and abuse yet there has been no resolve. Those departments include:

     Senator Jack Hatch of the 17th District was approached in March of 2013 to investigate and coordinate a determination as to how to repair the damage caused by the fraud and abuse. Promises to address the situation have gone without response since then. Copies of several communication efforts are within these pages.

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