The severe lack of support following a railroad tragedy becomes apparent very soon afterward. Survivors, and family members of those lost or severely injured, are left alone to endure an onslaught of news reporters and attorneys who often do not represent their profession responsibly. Many victims are approached by teams of representatives who scientifically play a game of becoming best friends until a release from civil litigation is obtained before the truth can be discovered. The sad truth is, few are availble to come to the aid of those needing it the most. The science behind the railroad industy's success in providing for their bottom dollar does not include addressing the suffering caused to the public from their blatant disregard for the public's safety.

     The period for healing, or even recognizing the pain that will soon be setting in, is a slow process. This beginning is the point at which victims are at their weakest vulnerable state and many months, possibly years, will pass before their lives make the gradual turn around toward making some sense of the tragedy they have faced.

     The function of the past pages were developed to help reduce the added confusion and anxiety that is soon realized after a railroad tragedy. Sadky, these pages are no longer available due to the matters of no assurance to privacy from snooping entities. Please visit our other pages for the time being or you may contact Charlie B. Romstad, founder of NRSA, by clicking on his name for email communications concerning any updates.